Thermography is probably the most valuable Method in preventive maintenance. In addition to reducing the chance of damage to people and property, it can be very profitable for many companies since it prevents shutdown.

Thermography is performed preferably as part of the internal control, and any time while the unit is running normally. The operation will thus not be affected by the work.

Brattvaag Elektro AS specialize in thermography:

Our thermography personnel are certified by DNV, which sets high standards of competence and knowledge. Not many People in Norway have the same qualifications.

How does thermography work?

The Method involves taking images of electrical systems with a thermal imager, with this one can read the temperatures of different objects. This way we can detect if there is abnormally high temperatures, including objects that you do not see with the naked eye, such as heating cables, connectors, concealed wiring, etc.

Heatconnections appear very clearly on a thermal image, and often this is due to poor Connection points, poorly executed installation, overload or uneven load. Such danger signals can therefore be detected at an early stage, and one can make necessary improvements before damage occurs.


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