Switchboard production

Brattvaag Electro AS has approximately 1400m2 area for workshop production. Our products are tailored according to customer request, whether onshore or offshore facilities. In our product portfolio are among others:

• Switchboards
• Starters
• Switch Panel
• Desks
• PLC solutions
• Power Supplies
• Crane Cabins
• Ex equipment (all categories)

Switchboard production has always been produced in most sizes and both onshore and offshore. Until the late 1990s, we produced large amounts of marine switchboards before our main customers decided to outsource Production to their own factories overseas. At that time there were 30 fitters who was daily engaged in switchboard production. In recent years there has been a significantly lower volume, but the same expertise and cost-effective work are still within the company. As more of our partners within the maritime industry experienced a sharp decline in the volume of orders, we made a revitalization of our switchboard strategy aiming to become once again the country's preferred tablet manufacturer with best quality at a reasonable price. We have had great success, and have already increased our volume within the switchboard production significantly. Do you have a project where you want the price on delivery of complete switchboard, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help With planing and can do all the engineering and the sealing if desired.

FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) for supplied equipment may be submitted to any certification inspection.

Ex equipment

The department is now approved for building and repairing Ex equipment category Ex D and E. This is equipment that has special qualities and can be used in Ex areas; areas where there might be flammable / explosive substances in the air.

We offer Ex equipment for ships, offshore platforms and industrial plants.

Brattvaag Electro has experience of electrical installations in hazardous areas.

Our competitive advantage

Brattvaag Electro has manufactured such products for many decades, and our equipment are on board ships all over the world. Based on the staff's extensive experience the department advantages considered to be:

Quality - On time delivery - Flexibility - Service


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