Certifications and Qualifications

In complience with ISO 9001 Quality.

The standard is process-oriented and emphasizes continuous improvements and customer satisfaction. It takes into account all processes in the company that affects quality. 


In complience ISO 14001 Environment.

An internationally recognized standard for environmental performance. It is based on continuous improvements, whilst complying with any applicable legislation.


EL-Thermography. Brattvaag Electro is one of few companies in Norway that has DNV-certified personnel for EL-Thermography according to the DNV standards NEK 405-1-2.

Electrical control Brattvaag Electro is certified according to the DNV standards for private homes NEK (405-2-2) and for industry NEK  (405-2-3).

DNV is an internationally recognized certification authority, and DNV certified personnel must meet stringent requirements for practical and theoretical knowledge.

Achilles - Joint Qualification System.

A pre-qualification system that gathers information and makes an objective evaluation of suppliers based on different criteria such as; financial performance, health and safety, environmental policy, etc.

Ex equipment. 

This applies for the categories Ex d, e. Nemko is an approved test laboratory and certification body.

Brattvaag Electro has:

EX approved workshop


approved apprenticeship company

Norges Elektroentreprenørforbund (NELFO)