Maritime & Offshore

We have more than 80 years experience with electrical installations and service on maritime and offshore vessels, including the installation of more than 150 new buildings. We also perform modifications, supervisor and service jobs nationally and internationally.

Throughout these years we have gained unique expertise and best practices for cost-effective project implementation and a solid reputation Within the industry.

We carry out electrical installation on most types of vessels and floating installations:
• Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)
• Offshore Subsea Construction and Maintenance Vessels (OSCV)
• Well Intervention Vessels
• Cable- and pipelaying Vessels
• Seismic Research Vessels
• Diving Support Vessels (DSV)
• Trawler and Fishing Vessels
• Ferries
• Offshore platforms and cranes

We have extensive experience and expertise within:

• System design
• Engineering
• Inspection of electrical systems:
- Wiring
- Start-/managementsystem
- ICT system
• Ex installations
• Topside installations
• Thermography


We can help you within the following areas:



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