Founded in 1933

Brattvaag Electro was founded in 1933 in a small industrial and fishing-town called Brattvåg. It was one of the first companies in this line of business in Norway. It all started with installation of lights in fishing boats. Ever since, electrical services and installations in maritime vessels have constituted the cornerstone of the company’s business. Brattvaag Electro has acquired a solid reputation in their line of business.

Sustainable development

Brattvaag Electro is located in one of the most innovative maritime clusters in the world, at the north-western coast of Norway.

New challenges and technological innovations have necessitated continually development and adaptation to the markets. The company has always focused on a sensible and sustainable development of the company.

Long-term collaborations

On the journey, Brattvaag Electro has established strong relations with, and performed numerous assignments for, some of the world’s leading shipyards and ship-owners. These long-term collaborations are characterized by innovations and high-quality demands; only the best is good enough. Brattvaag Electro is proud to represent these signs of excellent quality!

Full range electro supplier

Today, the company is a full range electro supplier and has close to 90 employees. Brattvaag Electro also provides electrical installations and services to households, construction and industry.

Switchboard workshop

Brattvaag Electro has its own switchboard workshop and offer tailor-made solutions for their customers. Through decades the workshop has constructed control panels, starter motors, switchboards, servo aggregates, and so on, for all purposes on Shore and Offshore.


Our employees - The company's most important asset

The staff has always been of vital importance for the company because of their unique skills, expertise and "know-how"; they take pride in solving problems and performing high-quality work.