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A reliable partner with 80 years of experience!

Brattvaag Electro is a Complete supplier of electrical installation and services. We have broad experience concerning installations of residential/Apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. This being from simple systems with on/off functions to "fully automated plants" with management as KNX, X-Comfort and Smart House.

We supply and installs good low power installations, e.g. fiber network and installation of fire/burglary and ITV.

Are you fond of sound and image, we have a partnership with HIFI Klubben wich includes planning, delivery and installation of HIFI systems.

We have offices in Brattvåg, Skodje and Ålesund(NMK), and performs small and large commissioned throughout Sunnmøre region.


We can help you in the following areas:


Let us help you, Contact us at phone 70 20 81 00 or E-mail