AMS contract to Brattvaag Electro AS
Brattvaag Electro AS, with offices in Ålesund, Skodje and Brattvåg, has signed an agreement with Bratseth AS for the installation of new AMS meters (Advanced Metering and Control Systems) in western Norway.

Bratseth AS, with offices in Sunndal and Molde, has signed an agreement with Smart Strøm Nordvest with 10 Power grid companies for Installation of approximately 150,000 new AMS meters in Møre & Romsdal.

To ensure personnel capacity and local knowledge in neighboring areas, it is currently signed agreements with four suppliers, including Brattvaag Electro for Sunnmøre. This area has approximately 40.500 meters.

The new AMS meters shall be installed in all power customers in Norway within 1. of january 2019. This will be the largest modernization of the electricity network in 100 years. There will be conducted a pilot in two selected municipalities in Møre and Romsdal in second quarter 2016 to test the systems and procedures for both system vendor and Smart Strøm Nordvest. The pilot will be carefully evaluated before the main rollout starting in the third quarter of 2016.

The new meter installed in dwelling fuse of an installer from Brattvaag Electro AS or its affiliates. You will get information on when and how this should happen at your place well in advance.

What is AMS?
Smart electricity meters are called in technical terms advanced metering systems (AMS). With AMS-meter you can drop the reading of the electric meter. The information will go automatically through the network company to the power supplier, and increase the safety of a correct invoice. One can follow both current prices and consumption hourly via a customer site on the Internet, on your smartphone or on a separate display in the home - whatever Your power company provides.

Smart power provide society with better security of supply and in the long term climate benefits due to more efficient energy utilization.

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